Sep 15

80 Questions

80 questions~
1. Name?: Eman
2. Birthdate?: March 24
3. Current Location?: London ON, Canada
4. Eye Color?: Hazel
5. Hair Color?: Red (currently)
6. Height?: 5’4
7. Zodiac Sign?: Aries
8. Ethnicity?:Lebanese Canadian
9. Single or Taken?:single
Have You ever…
10. Drank?: yes
11. Smoked?: no
12. Skinny Dipped?: no
13. Licked a 9 volt battery?:no
14. Made a prank phone call?:yes
15. Been in a beauty pageant?: no
16. Thrown up in public?:yes
17. Worn a crown?:yes
18. Licked the back of a CD to try to get it to work?: no
19. Been on a blind date?: no
20. Caught a fish?: no
21. Been in love?: no
22. Thought your cousin was hot?: no
23. Slept past noon?: yes always
24. Taken a shower with the opposite sex?: no
25. Danced in front of your mirror?: yes
26. Been dumped?: yes
27. Been arrested?: no
28. Made out with a stranger?: no
29. Seen someone die?: no
30. Kissed a picture?: no
31. Slept in the opposite sex’s bed?:  slept yes
32. Made a snow angel?: yes
33. Cheated while playing a game?: yes
34. Felt an earthquake?: no
35. Touched a snake?: yes
36. Sang karaoke?: yes
37. Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t do?: yes
38. Caught a snowflake on your tongue?: yes
39. Kissed in the rain?: yes
40. Sung in the shower?: yes
41. Sat on a roof top?: yes
42. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?: no
43. Broken a bone?: no
44. Laugh so hard you cry?: yesss best moments
45. Blacked out from drinking?: no
46. Choked on something you’re not supposed to eat?: no
This or that
47. Blind or deaf?: blind
48. Horror or comedy?: comedy
49. Bungee jumping or sky diving?: sky diving
50. Sunny or rainy?:sunny
51. Chocolate or Vanilla?: vanilla
52. Night or day?: night
53. Looks or personality?: personality 
54. Coffee or tea?: tea
55. Hot or cold?: cold
Do You…
56. Smoke?: no
57. Drink?: no
58. Do drugs?: no
59. Fall in love easily? used to, not anymore
60. Like thunderstorms?: yes
61. Dance in the rain?: yes
62. Wish on stars?: yes
63. Believe in fate?: yes
64. Believe in love at first sight?: no i believe in that first click
65. Have tattoos?: i wish
Can you…
66. Cook?: yes
67. Whistle?: yes
68. Curl your tongue?: yes
69. Touch your nose with your tongue?: no i just tried…ha
70. Speak another language?: yes
And more..
71. Favourite word?: “Luk”
72. Favourite flower?: Daisies
73. Favourite colour?: purple
74. What color is your underwear right now?: black
75. Would you ever get plastic surgery?: no
6. What is your favorite Holiday?: New Years
77. What is your worst habit?: staying up late everynight
Opposite sex..
78. Hair colour?: brown
79. Eye colour?:brown
80. First thing you notice about them?:smile

Sep 03

Anonymous said: We literally saw Mona dead in a boot how the hell would she be alive

well because for one they planted little things like the bandage on Monas arm, which easily could bring Mona back and them saying she faked her death, like why would they randomly throw in mona fainting and her wearing a bandage? saying she donated blood..,and she could have been obviously collecting her blood which was smeared all over the wall? for two in the book Ali faked her death and collected her blood and smeared it allover to fake her death, could be possible they are using the book as reference but at the same time more twisting than the book.. for 3 Marlenes tweet was a major clue… hm why would that person switch baby Jesus with Mona doll, and not just that Marlenes tweet way before that episode back on july 19th, giving a clue to the xmas episode, saying “#MajorPllHolidayClue”, which the only thing that relates to it is baby jesus and the mona doll. besides like the producers have said a million times, anything is possible in rosewood.

Aug 27

but like… yes

but like… yes

Aug 15

“Having a bad day? Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? It’s called purpose. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t give up.”